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Bioinformatics – specialist is needed

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences is looking for a Bioinformatician – data analyst to join the Molecular Biology Laboratory.
Closing date for applications: December 03, 2023



Listen an interview with Monika at Spotify or watch it on Youtube. She is talking about the role of gender balance and the power of mentoring in science, as well as a bit about research on nutritional programming.

Spotify | YouTube

Welcome Jacinta!

Jacinta Manta joined our team as EIT FOOD Intern since 15 of Sep for three months!

SSR 2022

Spokane! Monika, Maria and Dominika and Alicja joined SSR 2021 55th Annual Meeting in Spokane, USA.

Maria was chosen to give a flash talk about fast acting miRNAs as key regulators of EVs biogenesis at the embryo-maternal interface.

SSR 2021 – Sant Louis!

Monika, Maria, Dominika and Alicja joined SSR 2021 54th Annual Meeting in St Louis, USA.

Monika was invited to give a talk “Understanding the role of non-coding RNAs in corpus luteum during early pregnancy”. Maria and Alicja were awarded the Best International Abstract Nominations. Maria for abstract presented also as flash talk entitled: “mir-125b Is a Negative Regulator of EVs Biogenesis and Distribution at The Embryo-Maternal Interface” and Alicja for her abstract entitled “Lactation Undernutrition Leads to Intergenerational Alterations in Reproductive Parameters of Male Progeny”

Monika elected as president of the Society for Biology of Reproduction. She is the first women elected to this position.

Great success of Maria & Alicja

during SBR meeting! Girls were awarded at Society for Biology of Reproduction meeting for the Best Oral Presentation (Maria) and the Best Poster (Alicja)

They also get married!

Congratulations for Alicja and Kuba! May this marriage be full of joy and every day in paradise

Science SOS EIT Food

Classes for high school students started. Monika is giving lectures about the role of nutritional programming.

Damian, welcome on board!

Damian joined the Molecular Biology Laboratory as Bioinformatician – data analyst.

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