Current research projects:

I. Milky Way to reproductive success: role of leptin in the programming of reproductive functions over generations

(2018/31/B/NZ4/03527, OPUS, 2019-2022, Principal Investigator: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)                          

II. Role of microRNAs and prostaglandins in regulation of extracellular vesicles biogenesis in porcine trophoblast cells: in vitro studies

(2018/29/N/NZ9/02331, PRELUDIUM, 2018-2021, Principal Investigator: Maria Guzewska, M.Sc.)

III. Extracellular vesicles as an element of maternal-embryo communication during early pregnancy in pig- impact of carried miRNA on recipient cells

(2016/21/N/NZ9/03443, PRELUDIUM, 2017-2020, Principal Investigator: Joanna Najmuła, M.Sc.)