Recent research projects:

I. Role of microRNAs and prostaglandins in regulation of extracellular vesicles biogenesis in porcine trophoblast cells: in vitro studies

(2018/29/N/NZ9/02331, PRELUDIUM, 2018-2021, Principal Investigator: Maria Guzewska, M.Sc.)

II. Extracellular vesicles as an element of maternal-embryo communication during early pregnancy in pig- impact of carried miRNA on recipient cells

(2016/21/N/NZ9/03443, PRELUDIUM, 2017-2020, Principal Investigator: Joanna Najmuła, M.Sc.)

III. The involvement of elements of biosynthesis pathway and release, and horizontal transfer of extracellular vesicles in communication between the embryo and mother in early pregnancy
(KNOW2016/IRZBŻ/PRO1/01/5, KNOW, 2016-2019, Principal investigator: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)

 IV. Autocrine, juxtacrine and paracrine actions of miRNAs in early stages of pregnancy in pigs
(2014/15/B/NZ9/04932, OPUS, 2015-2019, Principal investigator: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)

V. Development of Personalized Diagnostic of Malignant Tumors based on tumor heterogeneity and integrated genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and imaging PET/MRI analysis. Getting Ready for Individualized Therapy (STRATEGMED2/266484/2/NCBR/2015, STRATEGMED, 2015-2018, Coordinator at Partner institutions, WP2, WP7: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)

 VI. Nutritional programming of reproductive functions during lactation: changed milk composition as a programming factor (KNOW2017/ IRZiBŻ/GG/01/2, KNOW, 2017-2018, Principal investigator: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)

VII. Role of ssc-miR-99b/let-7e/125a cluster in porcine corpus luteum function
(KNOW/2016/IRZiBŻ/ESR3/01/4, KNOW, 2017, Principal Investigator: Emilia Przygrodzka, Ph. D.)

VIII. Identification of pregnancy specific microRNA in maternal circulation during early pregnancy in pigs
(2013/11/N/NZ9/04584, PRELUDIUM, 2014-2017, Principal investigator: Żaneta P. Reliszko, M.Sc.)

IX. Embryonic/endometrial exosomes as a new component of embryo-maternal interaction in the pig
(0041/DIA/2014/43, DIAMOND Grant, 2014-2016, Principal investigator: Joanna Najmuła, M.Sc.)

X. Global analysis of protein expression regulated by pregnancy-associated microRNAs in the porcine endometrial cells in vitro (2011/01/N/NZ2/04824, PRELUDIUM, 2011-2015, Principal investigator: Kamil Krawczynski, Ph.D.)

XI. Identification of microRNA participating in embryo-maternal cross talk during early pregnancy in pigs
(N N311 513839, 2010-2014, Principal investigator: Monika M. Kaczmarek, Ph.D.)